It is Time for Puppers! 24 Awesome Puppies!

Puppy Pics

Are you in the need for some puppers?  The instant feel good medicine of puppy pics is back!

If you are feeling bad, these pictures will pull you up!  If you are already up, theses pics will keep you up!

We found a lot of great pupper pictures for this post!  I would like to thank everyone that allowed us to use their pics.  Be sure to check them out via their links!

So enough with the verbiage!  Bring on the Pups!

Meet Dennis the Corgi!

Have you ever seen a Huskydoodle? You have now, meet Kovu.

This Boston Terrier puppy is rocking the sweater look!

WOW! I have never seen such blue eyes!

This is one cool looking Husky Pup!  If you love Husky pups, the you’ll love our Husky post!

BUTTERS! What a great name for a Red Tri Aussie. I think I might need to add it to our Food Names for Dogs post!  We have a whole post, If you want to learn more about the awesome Aussie.

Gerberian Shepky is one wicked pooch. Both the GSD and the Husky are high on my list of favorites. I can only imagine how awesome it would be to have one!

This is one happy Malamute! DO you know that an iconic movie character was based on an Alaskan Malamute? Learn more and check out some awesome Malamute Puppies!

This is one cute GSD puppy!  Look at that smile.  If you love German Shepherd, then we have a ton more puppy pics of the GSD!

Here is another German Shepherd Pup.

Yes I know, three in a row.  I can’t help it, GSDs are just awesome.

This Malamute has already mastered puppy dog eyes.  Look at those paws!

A puppy, a GSD and a raspberry.  What’s not to love?

This beags pup knows how to chill.  Here are some more Beagle Puppies to help you smile!

What kind of pupper’s post wouldn’t have a lab?  If you love the lab, then check out these Beagle Pups!

Puppy smiles are the best!  This is Stoney Blu.  Stoney is a Labrador Retriever and American Bulldog mix.

Here is a Cavapoo pup.  This is a x-breed of a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a Poodle.

Motley is half Lab and half Husky.  The x-breed is known as a Huskador or a Labsky.  The coloring on this pup is awesome!

Meet another Gerberian Shepsky!  I love how they are all so unique.

I can never get enough of Border Collies!  Did you know that this is the number one smartest breed?  Learn more about the cool Border Collie.

This German Shepherd Puppy looks like they will be huge.

It’s hard not be mesmerized by those eyes.

Wow!  Those blue eyes are incredible on this Aussie.  We have a whole post on blue eyed pooches.

This Blue Amstaff looks awesome!


Warning Cuteness overload!  I’ve said it several times, if you’re down, look at a puppy. I really think they’re nature’s natural anti-depressant.  This funny Puppy Compilation Video will have you feeling good in a matter a seconds.   If you really want to take it to the next level, then watch it with your dog!  When those puppies start barking, my dog gave the funniest look of confusion ever!   Enjoy and if you have a friend that can use a pick me up, be sure to share this on Facebook.

Puppy Compilation Video

I couldn’t even begin to decide which part of this video is the best.  Every clip will have you smiling, if not laughing.  Major props to the people responsible for this video!  Additionally, a major shout out to all the owners that captures these awesome moments with their camera.


More Puppers?

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If you Don't want to smile then you better skip this pin. Because these 24 puppers are super cute! Awesome Puppy pictures.
These 24 puppies are awesome. A puppy picture can create a smile. This GSD is one of the puppers
Puppers make the world smile with their cuteness. 24 awesome puppy pictures. Love this dog smile!
This awesome cute puppy picture of a Labsky or Huskador is one of 24 Puppers!