35 Adorably Cute Puppy Pictures to Make you Smile!

Puppy Pics

Do you have the blues? Do you work with a bunch of children or crazy people? Or is it your family that’s driving you up a wall?  Have you already to lost your mind?  Have no fear; Dog and Pup Town is here with a solution! Puppies!  More specifically, cute puppy pictures to bring you back to happiness.

Science has proven that puppies can reduce stress and cut anxiety.  Also these little fur balls can slash depression and also elevate mood.  But what about just looking at cute pictures of puppies?  Have you ever noticed that looking at a pup can remove you from the world for a brief second?

Let’s face it, the world and its antics causes a great deal of stress. So, if you are removed from the world, will you experience its effects?  We think so.

Escaping the world can be hard, unless, you point your browser to Dog and Pup Town.  We will not only avoid the World’s problems but will post items that will bring a smile to your face.

So, it’s time to chill out and reduce some stress with some cute pup pics.  And if you’re not stressed out.  Then check out our Funny Dog Pictures it will help keep you in your Zen-sphere.

Relax and check out our newest post of Mother Nature’s anti-depressant.  I know I always tell you that I am not responsible if you go get a pup.  But this time, I mean it.

Cute Pup Pics

This Frenchie pup can cause some trouble with those eyes!  Did you know that the French Bull Dog is the 4th most popular pooch in the US?  Be sure to check out the other canines that made the top ten list.

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Stan sure knows how to sit for a pic. I think some treat were involved.

Cute little black puppy staring at the camera

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Puppy chilling on the cushion

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Maximus is a great name for this Great Dane.   I wonder how big he will get?

Maximus the Great Dane Puppy leaning on the bathtub

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I love how they named this Border collie, Callie.  Did you know that the Border collie has been named the smartest K-9?  They can learn a new command within 5 reps.  They can also remember it 95% of time.  Learn more about the kicking Pooch.

Puppy Border Collie with blue eyes

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cute puppy staring at the camera

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AJ is a staffy bull terrier.  AJ is all grown up now.  Check out his account for some more cool pics.  I have never seen a pooch smile so much,

pictures of a cute puppy stricking a pose

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It’s cool how his nose looks like a heart.

Dalmatian Puppy pushing up

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rocky the rocket puppy picture

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Kodah is a Klee Kai.  This is a newer breed which is smaller than the Husky.

cute little pup on the carpet

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Let me introduce you to one of the coolest pups on the planet, Moose!  There is no drinking alone with this one.

Awesome mutt pup licking a beer

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puppy pit bull laying in a pick blanket

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Meet Miko, half Labrador and half Husky. Would you call him a Labsky or a Huskador? This pooch is so awesome looking!  I wonder which portions of each dog that he’ll get?

Meet Miko a Labsky puppy, half labrador and half husky

[email protected]

Aussie Pups

Australian Shepherds are some cool looking pooches.  They are also very entertaining.

Australian Shepherd Puppy sitting for the camera

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cute Aussie puppy starring at the camera

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cute puppy pictures of a Aussie hiding under the chair

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How can a dog strike a pose like this?

Aussie Pup posing for the shot

[email protected]

Did you know that native Americans called them, Ghost eyes.  They also thought this breed was sacred because of their eyes.  We have a whole post of Aussies, if you want to learn more.

Husky Pups

Of course,  one of the coolest pups is the Husky!

husky puppy near the water

[email protected]

Someone needs to write a song about a Husky Strut!

cute puppy pictures strutting down the street

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Husky Pup with awesome blue eyes

[email protected]

dog chilling in the snow

[email protected]

Dogs with blue eyes are so magical!

cute Husky pup with blue eyes

[email protected]

Rosy the Husky Pup

[email protected]

If you need some more Huskies, then head on over to our Husky Pup post!  

husky puppy with blue eyes

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Golden Pups

Goldens are the poster dogs for sitcom families across the dial.  Did you know that there were Golden Retrievers born in the White House?  They also hold a couple of world records.  If you want to learn more about this special breed, you can see more on this pup post.

Golden retriever puppy in the snow

[email protected]

golden retriever puppy in the snow

[email protected]

Awesome Golden Retriever puppy

[email protected]

GSD Pups

These canines are so wicked!  Did you know 2 out of the 3 dogs on the Hollywood Walk of Fame are GSDs?

I think Shiloh is going to be huge!  Look at those paws!

Shiloh the German Shepherd Puppy

[email protected]

I think this pup is going to break the internet with cuteness!

Balto the German Shepherd Puppy laying on his back staring at the camera

[email protected]

If you still need more GSDs, then let me recommend the following post.

Lab Pups

Labrador pups are so much fun! When ever I see them I get an instant smile.

Chocolate Labrador Retriever puppy sitting on the sofa

[email protected]

 black lab puppy in the grass

[email protected]

Chocolate lab puppy begging for food

[email protected]

 a lab puppy with a duck toy

[email protected]

lab puppy chewing on a raw hide

[email protected]

If you are a fan of Dog and Pup Town then you of course know who this is. Cali was 9 weeks old for this pic.
Little Yellow Labrador Puppy Cali 8 weeks old

If you’re thinking about getting a puppy and don’t know what to name it.  Then check out or puppy naming section!

This was one hard post to write.  I felt like a kid going through the Sear’s Wish book in November.  Obviously, I wish I could have every kind of pup above.

Of course, I would like thank all the canine owners that allowed us to use their pics!  Definitely, check out their links!

If you want some more cute puppies.  Then Check out, 21 Captivating Pictures of Cute Puppies.

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Husky Puppy chilling out!
cute puppy with some great puppy dog eyes.
A cute picture of a puppy that is half Lab and half Husky, a Labsky or a Huskador.
Awesome puppy picture of a dog licking a pint of beer
Awesome picture of a German Shepherd Puppy smiling.
Cute puppy picture of a Border Collie with blue eyes