Smile With Some Funny Dog Photos! Stop Wasting Money on Therapy?

Funny Dog Pictures

Are you in one of those moods where you need a smiling chuckle? In that case, looking at some funny dog photos might just do the trick. If you are already smiling, then you need to keep it going.

Canines do goofy things all day long.   But it takes skills to capture it with a camera. You have to have the patience to sit back and wait for the perfect “Barking Laughs” pic. Well, because these owners waited, we got some awesome shots.  These random pictures of some goofy hounds are one-in-a-million.

Of course, when my pooch does something funny, the camera is miles away.  Of course, when I do have the camera, my Lab might as well be a log.

Thankfully, the stars aligned and we got these awesome pieces of art and you can enjoy them all. So, sit back, get comfy, and enjoy some fine K-9 Art and have a smiling chuckle.

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Funny Dog Photos

“Say cheese?  How about raspberry instead!”

funny Dog Photos with a pooch sticking his tongue out

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“Please sanitize the handle.  Do you know how many gross kids have rode in this cart?”

funny Dog Photos with a small canine in a shopping cart where little kids sit

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“Can we stop talking about your day?”

funny Dog Photos with a canine yawning with tongue all over the place

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“I’m not laughing because that was a stupid joke.”

funny Dog Photos with a Dalmatian looking all serious

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“Please shut the drapes.  The Young and the Restless is almost on and the sun is creating a glare on the TV.”

funny Dog Photos with a pooch chilling on the sofa

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“Why do you keep asking who the good boy is?  It was me last time you asked and there aren’t any other dogs here.”

funny Dog Photos with a canine staring into the camera Source: [email protected]

“Seriously!  Turn the flash off when I’m sleeping if you can’t resist photographing me.”

German Shepherd laying in a chair

Source: [email protected]

“Why did we watch the entire season of 13 Reasons in one day?”

funny Dog Photos with a pooch who looks out of it

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“Too tired to get the treat.  Wondering if my tongue can reach it.”

dog laying down with tongue out

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“I’m sure some Yogi out there will of course be inspired to create a new pose, “Dog Down and Butt Up!”

canine with his butt in the air for funny dog images

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“Rub my belly! After all, you haven’t seen me in an entire 10 minutes!  “

Pooch laying on his back with a funny expression for funny dog images

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“I’ll check out the dinner spread before breaking out the begging eyes.”

Husky eating lettuce for funny dog images

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“So I started barking at 3 am for no reason.  Owner comes out with a flashlight, searches from every window for prowlers.  In fact, it lasted for 20 minutes. Funniest Thing EVER!”

group of dogs laughing like a joke is being told

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“There’s no way they’ll know I was in the woods.”

dirty white dog for funny dog images

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“I really should have also worn shorts with this shirt.  I thought it was long enough to cover my butt!”

pooch in a t-shirt for funny dog images

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“Come on!  Throw the ball again, because I’m not tired at all.”

canine with tongue out for funny dog images

Author: [email protected]

“I told you cats ultimately land on their feet.”

2 dogs looking over the side of a bridge at something for funny dog images

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Dog and Yoda Video

The Force is strong in you little one!  Time for a ridiculous video!  Who would have put these two together?  A Dog and Yoda ? If your down it should cheer you up.  If you’re not down, it will keep you up for a few hours.  That is cool toy, but if I tried it with my four legged buddy, it would be in pieces.

Source: Udeekdee on Rumble

Funny Chihuahua Video

This is one funny Chihuahua video that you can easily compare to a child.  Watch a Chihuahua lose his mind over a jalapeno.  Holly spastic! This guy reminds me of a kid and a piece of cake.

Source: InsanelyMilo on Rumble

Cat steals Dog’s Bed Video

This is will be on the top of your funny dog videos list.  Who does that cat think he is?  You never take a canine’s bed.  Cat steals Dog’s bed, what is this the twilight zone? I have a feeling that a very passive aggressive relationship exists in that house.

Source: [email protected]

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