Magical Santa Paws Pictures with Dogs! Get in the Spirit!

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Santa Paws Pictures? Who is Santa Paws?  Obviously, Santa Paws is Santa Claus (for your dogs)!

I know.  You’re not only skeptical; but wondering WHY exactly do I need to incorporate Santa Paws into my already overloaded Christmas holiday???  Well, in a word, GUILT. 

To begin with, picture Christmas morning.  You’re opening presents with the family.  Everyone’s having a holly jolly time.  Then, you look over at your dog slumped in the corner with a martyr face.  Guilt dumps allover you like a never-ending snow shower.  Then, everyone else notices the dog’s displeasure, and looks at you like it’s your fault.  Now, you’re really on the holiday GUILT train.  Who needs THAT on Christmas Morning!

Enter Santa Paws to the rescue!  Santa Paws not only delivers dogs the coolest doggy gifts; but he snaps cool photos with your dog too!

In the event that you aren’t a believer in Santa Paws…scroll below for undeniable proof.  All in all, enjoy our Santa Paws Pictures with Dogs!

Santa Paws Pictures with Dogs

Santa Paws pictures 2 dogs with Santa Claus

Courtesy: [email protected]

Below is Mcloven the Stud Muffin,  Check out his fanpage!
Santa Paws pictures 2 dogs with old school Santa Claus

Source: [email protected]

Santa Paws pictures 1 dog with Santa Claus on red sofa

From: [email protected]

Santa Paws pictures 1 dog with Santa Claus on blue couch

Courtesy: [email protected]

Santa Paws pictures 2 dogs with Santa Claus corgi and hound

Source: [email protected]

Santa Paws pictures 1 dog with woman Santa Claus

From: [email protected]

Santa Paws pictures little cute dog with smiling Santa Claus

Courtesy: [email protected]

Definitely one happy dog!  I can see this picture being on a poster.

Santa Paws pictures retriever with happy Santa Claus

Source: [email protected]

I don’t think this Santa is too thrilled.

Santa Paws pictures small dog with Santa Claus on a red wood chair

From: [email protected]

Santa Paws pictures black dog with Santa Claus

Courtesy: [email protected]

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Santa Paws pictures dog dressed as reindeer with Santa Claus

Source: [email protected]

Obviously, Santa Paws is oh so real.  Ultimately, these dogs can attest to it.  But if you’re still having doubts and need more proof, we have more pictures below in an additional post!

Charming Dog Pictures with Santa! Solution for the Holiday Blues?

The way Christmas comes out of nowhere can sometimes disorient you.  The Black Fridays.  The Cyber Mondays.  The BUY THIS NOW.  The WHO DO I HAVE TO BUY FOR NOW???  All of it can deliver you into the Holiday Slump zone, which can then lead to the Holiday Blues. We found a simple solution for this state of mind–DOGS. More specifically, Dog Pictures with Santa. Don’t believe us?

Then take a look at these cute and funny dog pictures.

However,  before you do we’d like to thank everyone that allowed us to share their Holiday pictures.  We love that the Santas are so unique, and that they actually look happy posing with a dog!  The dogs, needless to say, are rocking the Holiday pictures too!

Dog Pictures with Santa

Dog sitting with santa

Source: [email protected]

Christmas Dog Pictures with Santa Husky with old school Santa Claus

Courtesy: [email protected]

Christmas Dog Pictures with Santa in front of a clock

From: [email protected]

dog dad banner

Christmas Dog Pictures with Santa

Source: [email protected]

Sweet picture of a dog kissing Santa

Courtesy: [email protected]

Santa Claus picture with cut dog on his lap

From: [email protected] &

DogMama Images

Christmas Dog Pictures with Santa Old school 2 funny dogs

Source: [email protected]

old school santa claus with a dog

Courtesy: [email protected]

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2 funny Dogs sitting with Santa Claus

From: [email protected]

Christmas dog picture with Santa Claus

Source: [email protected]

Cool looking Santa with a dog on his lap

Courtesy: [email protected]

Sometimes the solution does not immediately take effect.  Occasionally, you might have a delayed reaction.

Dogs Dressed up for Christmas, Show How we Can Feel About the Season.

Dogs Dressed up for Christmas can absolutely show how we, as humans, feel about the season.  Here at D&PT we love the season; but still, for most humans, there are times when it can be draining both physically and emotionally.  Dogs, too, aren’t immune to the Christmas doldrums, as you’ll soon see while you scroll below.

These funny pictures of dogs dressed up for Christmas represent the spectrum of doggy doldrums and exhaustion with the ho, ho, hos and the holiday bustle.  In addition, the dogs, no doubt, show their range of annoyance or tolerance as humans take their Christmas snapshots.  The fact that you usually have to take upward of 100 photos to get that perfect shot, of course, doesn’t help lift your dog’s spirit either.  I’m sure that’s why, for the most part, we’re seeing some pretty unenthusiastic expressions throughout these pics.

Dogs Dressed up for Christmas

Christmas Spirit!  How can I spread something I don’t have?

Dogs dressed up for Christmas canine in antlers

Courtesy: [email protected]

Do I really have to sit in the front window for the next two weeks?

awesome looking dog dressed up for christmas

Souce: [email protected]

lab under the tree dressed in candy cane antlers

from: [email protected]

paw shirt banner

Dogs dressed up for Christmas with pink santa hat

Courtesy: [email protected]

Dogs dressed up for Christmas as a reindeer

Source: [email protected]

I wonder if they noticed that the white pom-pom from the hat is gone?

Cali the yellow Labrador dressed in a Santa Hat

Are you the crazy neighbor or do you have one?

Dogs dressed up for Christmas dogs outside looking at a blow up dog

Courtesy: [email protected]

Dog Lovers Gift Guide Banner

After the race is over, it’s finally time to relax.

Dogs dressed up for Christmas with a santa hat

Courtesy: [email protected]

Time to get some shut-eye before the big day.

Dogs dressed up for Christmas as a yawing santa paws

Source: [email protected]

What do you mean it’s all over?  We just started unwrapping presents 10 minutes ago.

Dogs dressed up for Christmas as something crazy

From: [email protected]

Dog and Pup Town Exclusive!

The events of last Christmas Eve are finally coming to light.  I can not believe how close we all were to ultimate disappointment!  Be sure to check out the following video to learn the truth, Last Christmas Eve’s Secret Revealed. How a Dog Saved the Day!

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Golden Retriever with Santa Claus. Christmas Dog pictures with Santa.

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