Funny Dog Sleeping Pictures to Make you Yawn!

Cute Dog Pictures

Napping Pooches? When I started creating this post, I don’t know if I was envious or angry. I’m so tired right now, and showing Dog Sleeping Pictures is making me more tired.  I guess I’m not angry, if I was home, I’d probably be doing the same thing.   Also, you have to admire how these funny pooches can sleep anywhere and anytime.  Try not to fall asleep and enjoy these peaceful Cute Dog Pictures.  If you can capture your K-9 taking a nap, then be sure to share with us!  But remember, it is always wise to let sleeping dogs lie.

Sleeping Dog Pictures

sleeping dog pictures of a Pooch catching some zzzs

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sleeping frenchie

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sleeping dog pictures of a canine taking a nap

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sleeping dog pictures of a two funny dogs cuddled up and sleeping the day away

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sleeping pooch with his toy horse

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sleeping dog pictures of a pooch laying back and dreaming about bones

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sleeping dog pictures of a sleeping doberman

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Do you think you could resist putting a small bit of peanut butter on that tongue?  In college if you fell asleep like this, you would end up with some Texas Pete on your tongue.

sleeping canine with his tongue out

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Be honest is there a part of you that would love to wake these sleepers up?  Or would you rather get on the floor and nap with them?  Did those sleeping pooches make you smile or did it make you tired?  Sometimes I do get jealous of my Lab that can sleep anywhere and at anytime during the day.  If you know someone that loves pictures of sleeping canines, then be sure to share this post, because even your friends deserve a little happiness.

Great Dane Video

This Great Dane Video shows exactly how I act every Monday. I can totally feel this guy’s pain.  I believe that this will be one of those funny dog videos that will resonate with everyone that isn’t a morning person.   In fact, this kind of complaining reminds me of my daughter in the morning.  Correction, every school day morning.  If it is the weekend, she is up immediately and demanding to go to Dunkin Donuts for our Saturday ritual.

As another humorous side effect of this video, I recommend that you watch it with your pooch.  The way this Great Dane’s whelping hits those crazy pitches will surely have your dog doing a couple of head tilts.  If not trying to jump through the compute screen.   On a side note, could you imagine sharing a bed with a Great Dane?  I’m pretty sure the term bed-hog has been used a lot in that bedroom.

Source: BronzeFineArt on Rumble

We also have Funny Lazy Dog Videos that are fun to watch.

Funny Lazy Dog Videos

I only thought humans acted this way.  Why do you think these three canines are so exhausted?  Could it be sleeping all day, begging, barking at the mailman?  Just kidding, I know that they get tired from other stuff too.  Remember what George Carlin once said, “What do dogs do on their day off? Can’t lie around – that’s their job.” Lazy Dog Quote from George Carlin

I Can’t Make It!

Check out this guy’s funny failed attempt to get up. This reminds of every Saturday afternoon I had in college. But now it reminds me of every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday morning when I have to go to work.  Leave it to a lazy dog to make me think of my own short comings.

Source: MarshallTuckerPibble on Rumble

Lazy Husky

WOW!  The only explanation that I could imagine is that he ripped the whole bag open and already ate 26 pounds of that food.  This reminds me of some very bad nights at college and spilling cereal at 3 am in the morning.

Laziness Champ

I think we have an ultimate winner in these laziness competition.   Do you think it feels good?  This pooch doesn’t even flinch or even attempt to get out of the way.  Maybe it’s colder or warmer outside?  I guess it really doesn’t matter because it is funny!

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Sleeping dog with tongue hanging out