Time to Get Wet! Tongue Out Tuesdays! Funny Dog Pictures!

Funny Dog Pictures

Tuesdays are typically the most boring day of the week. So, we aim to spice it up with Tongue Out Tuesday. What is Tongue out Tuesday?  Pictures of pooches with tongues out, of course!  What is looking at a dog with tongue out supposed to do?  Hopefully it will make you smile, or at least say, “dang.”

Tongue out Tuesdays are the best. Especially if it’s a Tuesday after a three day weekend. We all need something to make us smile today and everyday. And better yet, these pictures pretty much summarize how I feel towards that evil creature known as “WORK”.  

But what if you’re not looking at these Funny Dog Pictures on a Tuesday?  What if it’s Saturday or Friday?  It really doesn’t matter, they’re funny no matter what day it is, so check them out!

If you scroll below these pictures will speak for themselves. In fact, some of these pictures should have a frame and hung up in a museum.

Note, you are not restricted to view these silly pooch pictures just on Tuesdays, any day is perfectly acceptable!

Can a Picture of Dog With Tongue Out Make you Smile?

How many Saturdays have you woken up looking like this?

Dogs With Tongues Out Picture of a pooch with his tongue sticking out during a nap

Source: [email protected]

That thing is sticking out literally against this all white pooch.

cute white pooch on floor with tongue out

Courtesy: [email protected]

Dogs With Tongues Out of canine with huge tongue

Source: [email protected]

This picture reminds me of the college computer lab.

K-9 sleeping with tongue out

Courtesy: [email protected]

This filter is pretty cool.
Dogs With Tongues Out of canine panting with tongue out

Source: [email protected]

This tongue is worthy of a “Dang!”

Dogs With Tongue Outs of cute pooch with huge tongue

From: [email protected]

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Pictures of German Shepherds with one outside with his tongue hanging outCourtesy: [email protected]

I keep looking at those teeth.  That is one powerful jaw.

German Shepherd with tongue hanging outFrom: [email protected]

Puppy tongue!

little black German shepherd puppySource: [email protected]

tongue out tuesday

From: [email protected]

I know a person that can do that exact same trick.

Dogs With Tongues Out of cute pooch licking his nose

Courtesy: [email protected]

This is my peanut butter face!

Big rescue dog licking his nose.

Source: [email protected]

Dogs With Tongue Out of big canine chilling with tongue out

From: [email protected]

If you love big Alaskan Malamutes, then head on over to our Alaskan Malamute pictures!

brown malamute with the longest dog tongue everSource: [email protected]

That is exactly how I look after playing tag with a bunch of ten year olds. 

Malamute looking tired

From: [email protected]

I imagine that window has gone through a lot washing.lab in car with tongue out

Source: [email protected]

tongue out doggie

Courtesy: [email protected]

Can you believe some of those tongues?  A few of them defied nature.

Tongue out Tuesdays

How in the world is that Tongue even remotely clean?

canine in a mud puddle with a nice clean tongue for Tongue out Tuesdays

Source: [email protected]

This little puppy has a way to go to achieve true Tongue out Tuesday Status!  Until then keep up the training young one!

cute small pooch sticking his tongue out for Tongue out Tuesdays

From: [email protected]

Cute pooch sticking his tongue out

Source: [email protected]

How in the world is that tongue even clean.  If you like muddy dogs but don’t like bathing them, then check out these cool pics.

dirty Labrador licking is own face for Tongue out Tuesdays

Courtesy: [email protected]

pooch giving the camera a raspberry

Source: [email protected]

Rocking the shades and telling the world how you feel.
cool canine with shades sticking out his tongue

From: [email protected]

canine with tongue out for Tongue out Tuesdays

Author: [email protected]

I don’t what’s up with Labs.  Mine is always sticking their tongue out.

Labrador Retriever sticking his tongue out for Tongue out Tuesdays

Source: [email protected]

golden retriever puppy sticking his tongue out for Tongue out Tuesdays

From: [email protected]

So do you think Dogs with tongues are funny dog pictures?  Or did these pictures gross you out? For some reason, I kept thinking about ice cream cones.

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