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Who doesn’t love happy pooches?  On a dog’s terms, water can be their happy place.  Sure,  wet beasts don’t smell like roses, and drying them takes a magician’s skilled hand.  Still,  happy wet canines can make happy wet owners…(if you opt to live in the fun-of-the-moment)!

a wet dog and a quote

My Labrador loves the water!  On the other hand she hates baths.   There lies the dilemma.  The creek that she loves jumping into is disgusting.  So after every water romp, she has to get a bath.  Or our house would stink like dead fish.   Of course, when she was a puppy, it a nightmare.  I remember one day I had to give her three baths.  After the first bath, I told my wife not to let her out.  That request lasted ten minutes.  Cali was let out and bee lined it for the water.  After the second bath, I begged both my wife and my daughter to keep Cali inside.  Of course that requested lasted 15 minutes, until my daughter opened up the door.  I forgot to mention, as she opened up the door she was laughing hysterically.  Needless to say Cali made it into the creek.

For this reason, she got to dis-enjoy her third bath of the day.  Actually it was her third bath in specifically two hours.

I know!  Of course you Labrador loves the creek.  I’m not complaining, I am reminiscing.

At least you don’t have to worry about that issue.  You can just sit back and enjoy these wet dog pictures.

Wet Dog Pictures

“I’ll save you little fish!”

canine leaping into the lake

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“You may have beaten me to the toy; but you’re wearing a life jacket.  You had an edge.”

two dogs playing in the water

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pooch just out of bath

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“Marco!    Fish out of water!”

two dogs playing in a pool

Source: [email protected]

“Come on! Catch me like you did the kid!”

cool black canine jumping in a pool

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“I think they’re trying to wear me out.”

pooch bringing back a ball

Source: [email protected]

“Come on, Baywatch!  Cast me!  I’m hot running in the break.”

awesome white canine breaking the waves during sunset.

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Sure, not all dogs are happy when they are wet, especially if it’s bath time.  But if your dog loves the water, it’s hard to get them to come out of it.  On a side note, if you have ever thought it would be fun to swim with your dog, think again.  You will end up being shredded with their paws.  Speaking of happy, check out these smiling pooches!

Dogs at the Beach

Usually we imagine Labrador Retrievers as the swimmers of the dog community, well these aquatic dog pictures show something a little different.  I guess some of these funny dogs didn’t read their instruction booklet, where it says they don’t swim.  Let’s remember happier times with some beach dog pictures.

“Hurry up and take the picture already!  I’m trying to get some Vitamin D.”

Dogs on the beach with a small dog laying in the sand.

Source: [email protected]

“Let’s see you try to throw this one!”

Dogs on the beach with a small dog carrying a stick bigger than him

Source: [email protected]

“I love digging holes at the beach; but always wonder who fills them in at night?”

Dogs on the beach with a retriever on the beach

Source: [email protected]

“Why can’t I look at you?  Shouldn’t I  be posing when you take a picture?”

Dogs on the beach with a beagle checking out a sunset

Source: [email protected]

“Leash Laws!  Smeash Laws!  I have on my leash!”

Dogs on the beach with a German Shepard on the beach during a sunset

Source: [email protected]

“Look!  I found a big doughnut in the ocean!”

beach dogs with a lab and a sunset

Source: [email protected]

Photo Taken by: [email protected]

“Yea! We’re gonna play that tag game called, “Get back here!””

Dogs on the beach with a retriever playing in the sand

Source: [email protected]

“Balance, board, my bad-ass owner, and a wicked view.  We take cool calm wave riding to the next level.”

beach dogs picture of a Labrador on a paddle board

Source: [email protected]

Dogs on the Beach

The following images are from Pixabay.

Are you more scared of a Rott in the water or a Great White?

Rott swimming with tennis ball

Beach Dog Pictures of two funny dogs at the beach

What are the odds that the person holding the camera is also holding a ball?

dogs at the beach with a Labrador in the water

Do you think that’s Ghost looking for Jon Snow?

dogs at the beach with a cool looking canine running on the beach

What the hect is that?  Is it root, a vegetable is it a sea creature?

Labrador with something weird in his mouth

This is such a magical shot!

dogs at the beach with a cool black and white sunset beach pooch

Beach Dog Pictures of a canine running into the ocean

Beach Dog Pictures of a pooch shaking dry

I know this isn’t technically at the beach, but come on it’s a Husky!

husky swimming in a pool

dogs at the beach with a canine in the ocean break

Since we are on the subject of Beach Dogs, meet the King of the Sand, in the these funny dog shaming picture!  I would have loved to see this shenanigan play out!

canine pees on a sandcastle

Source: [email protected]

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If you’re more of a winter person then we also have dogs in snow.

If you know someone that loves cool dog pictures, then be sure to share this post.  Because even your friends deserve a little coolness.  We also have more pictures of Cool Dogs and a ton of other kinds of Dog Pictures.

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